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Foodways & Byways DVD

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Foodways & Byways – The Story of Food in North Central Washington

This half-hour DVD seeks to answer the question: “What can we learn from the past that can help us build a strong local food system today?” Through a tapestry of music, video and photographs the DVD features people both young and old, of Latino, Tribal and European descent, sharing their stories of family, community and eating. In these first-hand interviews you can see how harvesting, processing and sharing your food helps strengthen community and family bonds.

See the Foodways & Byways page to view the six video segments that make up the DVD. You will also find links to interview and discussion guides designed to start conversations that can move us toward a more self-sufficient future.

Order copies of the DVD online for $15 each, plus shipping and handling.

DVDs are also available for purchase at Farmhouse Table Local Foods Market and the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center Museum Store.

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