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WPRC at Paddler’s Point

WRPC-LogoWelcome to Paddler’s Point on the Wenatchee Loop Trail, the Wenatchee Row & Paddle Club Listening Post. It is located at the historic Lindston Barn at Linden Tree Park along the Columbia River at the foot of 9th Street in Wenatchee. From the parking area walk north along the Loop Trail, crossing a wooden walk bridge shortly before arriving at the Lindston Barn. The mission of the Wenatchee Row & Paddle Club is to inspire people to safely use human powered watercraft and exercise stewardship of the mid-Columbia River system.

Paddling ConfluenceShawn Koos & Jim BauerVoyageur canoes

The Lindston Barn is a watercraft storage facility for the Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club.

Lindston Barn

[audio:|titles=Introduction to Paddler’s Point]Introduction to Paddler’s Point (MP3)
[audio:http//|titles=Club membership]Club membership (MP3)[audio:|titles=River safety]River safety (MP3)[audio:|titles=Idea for club]Idea for club (MP3)

[audio:|titles=Founders discuss saving the barn]Founders discuss saving the barn (MP3)[audio:|titles=Connecting people with the river]Connecting people with the river (MP3)[audio:|titles=Forming the Club]Forming the Club (MP3)

The first dock at Paddler’s Point.

Old dock[audio:|titles=First dock]First dock (MP3)[audio:″|titles=Launching the dock]Launching the dock (MP3)

Jim Blackburn[audio:|titles=Lindston family home]Lindston family home (MP3)[audio:|titles=Barn and site history]Barn and site history (MP3)



A cold and beautiful river.

River safety[audio:|titles=Importance of the river]Importance of the river (MP3)[audio:|titles=River love]River love (MP3)[audio:|titles=Thanks for visiting]Thanks for visiting (MP3)

Paddle DayKayak kidGroup kayak

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