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Historic Douglas Church

The Church was dedicated in 1915 as St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and served the Douglas Community for some 53 years. It was closed in 1968 when the Waterville and Douglas Lutheran Congregations united in a newly built Church in Waterville. The Douglas Church building remained unused and neglected until it was purchased by the Douglas Community Historical Association, in 2006. The non-profit initiated a complete restoration and the Church Building and it is currently used for weddings, family reunions and community events.

Many of the families living in the Douglas area had strong ties to the Church during its active years. The stories that follow highlight memories shared by a few of these long-term residents.

John Ruud talks about Lutheran churchs and settlement (MP3)[audio:|titles=John Ruud – Lutheran churchs and settlement]

Jim Danielson talks about a founding church member (MP3)[audio:|titles=Jim Danielson – Founding member Julius Oberstead]

Paul Hinderer talks about his dad helping to build the church (MP3)[audio:|titles=Paul Hinderer – Dad helped build the church]

Paul Hinderer talks about building the church (MP3)[audio:|titles=Paul Hinderer -Building the church]

Eva Williams talks about her grandpa helping build the church (MP3)[audio:|titles=Eva Williams – Grandpa helped build]

Paul Hinderer talks about his mom teaching at Douglas School (MP3)[audio:|titles=Paul Hinderer – Mom taught at Douglas School]

Myrna Regan talks about her parents meeting and attending the church (MP3)[audio:|titles=Myrna Regan – Parents attended]

Jim Danielson talks about his family and the church (MP3) [audio:|titles=Jim Danielson family and church]

Eva Williams talks about her best memories of the church (MP3) [audio:|titles=Eva Williams Best Memories]

Robert Mittlestaedt talks about his favorite memories of church (MP3) [audio:|titles=Robert Mittlestaedt Favorite Memories of Church]

Myrna Regan talks about how the church was a social center (MP3) [audio:|titles=Myrna Regan Church Social Center]

Myrna Regan talks about the community choir (MP3)[audio:|titles=Myrna Regan Community Choir]

Paul Hinderer talks about Douglas and Waterville sharing the Lutheran minister (MP3)[audio:|titles=Paul Hinderer Lutheran Minister Sharing]

Walt and Marilyn Gearhart talk about renovating the church (MP3) [audio:|titles=Walt and Marilyn Gearhart talk about renovating the church]

Walt & Marilyn 50th Anniversary

1888 — First Lutheran church constructed in Douglas.

1915 — Dedication of new St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

1964 — St. Paul’s Lutheran Church merges with Lutheran church in Waterville, United Lutheran Church of Waterville.

1982 — St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Douglas listed on National Register of Historic Places.

1993 — Make a Difference Day volunteers paint St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

2005 — Church donated to Douglas Community Historical Association.

2006 — Church restored and approved for occupancy.

2006 — Abby Lee Jordan and Joshua Cabe O’Brien are the first couple to married in the restored church.

Douglas Church Marriage Records 1890 – 1968 (PDF will open in a new window)

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