Gathering Our Voice

The Nature Conservancy of Washington

This Gathering Our Voice project celebrates the 50 year anniversary of The Nature Conservancy in Washington.

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals and natural commuities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

This page contains photos and excerpts from the interviews gathered this year that highlight the people and path of this conservation organization for the past half century. Meet people at the top of the page. To learn about the path, scroll farther down the page for a timeline with milestone events and interview excerpts. (Click on photos for a larger view and use the Flash player or links marked (MP3) to hear the excerpts.)


Louis Messmer

Louis Messmer talks about stewardship. Stewardship (MP3) [audio:|titles=Louis Messmer – Stewardship]
Louis Messmer talks about stewardship values. Values (MP3)[audio:|titles=Louis Messmer – Stewardship values]
Louis Messmer talks about keeping his nose to the ground. Nose (MP3)[audio:|titles=Louis Messmer – Nose to ground]

Doug Peters

Doug Peters talks about hope for the future. Hope (MP3) [audio:|titles=Doug Peters – Hope for future]

Gene Fitzgerald

Gene Fitzgerald talks about coming to the area. Come here (MP3)[audio:|titles=Gene Fitzgerald – Come here]
Gene Fitzgerald talks about the conservation ethic. Ethic (MP3) [audio:|titles=Gene Fitzgerald – Conservation ethic]
Gene Fitzgerald talks about learning stewardship values. Values (MP3) [audio:|titles=Gene Fitzgerald – Early Davis Canyon conservation]

Tony Angell

Tony Angell talks about coming to Washington. Come here (MP3) [audio:|titles=Tony Angell – Come here]
Tony Angell talks about stewardship. Stewardship (MP3) [audio:|titles=Tony Angell – Stewardship]
Tony Angell talks about choosing The Nature Conservancy. Why TNC (MP3) [audio:|titles=Tony Angell – Why TNC]
Tony Angell talks about staying connected with The Nature Conservancy. Staying connected (MP3) [audio:|titles=Tony Angell – Staying connected with TNC]

Nancy Nordhoff

Nancy Nordhoff talks about grounding. Grounding (MP3) [audio:|titles=Nancy Nordhoff – Grounding]
Nancy Nordhoff talks about an early bond with nature. Early bond (MP3) [audio:|titles=Nancy Nordhoff – Early bond with nature]

John Roskelley

John Roskelley talks about connecting with Washington. Connecting (MP3) [audio:|titles=John Roskelley – Connect WA]
John Roskelley talks about an early bond with nature. Early bond (MP3) [audio:|titles=John Roskelley – Early nature bond]
John Roskelley talks about joining The Nature Conservancy. Joining TNC (MP3) [audio:|titles=John Roskelley – Joining TNC]
John Roskelley talks about The Nature Conservancy people. TNC people (MP3)[audio:|titles=John Roskelley – TNC people key]

Rick Leaumont

Rick Leaumont talks about an early conservation drive. Early drive (MP3) [audio:|titles=Rick Leaumont – Early conservation drive]
Rick Leaumont talks about joining The Nature Conservancy. Joining TNC (MP3) [audio:|titles=Rick Leaumont – Joining TNC]

John Rose

John Rose talks about Washington as home. WA Home (MP3)
[audio:|titles=John Rose – WA home]
John Rose talks about working together for conservation. Conservation Center (MP3)
[audio:|titles=John Rose – Conservation Center]
John Rose talks about stewardship. Stewardship (MP3)
[audio:|titles=John Rose – Stewardship]
John Rose talks about The Nature Conservancy people. People (MP3)
[audio:|titles=John Rose – People]
John Rose talks about the legacy of conservation. Conservation Legacy (MP3)
[audio:|titles=John Rose – Conservation Legacy]

Patty Rose

Patty Rose talks about an early interest in nature. Early Nature Interest (MP3)
[audio:|titles=Patty Rose – Early Nature Interest]
Patty Rose talks about stewardship. Stewardship (MP3)
[audio:|titles=Patty Rose – Stewardship]
Patty Rose talks about being positive. Positive (MP3)
[audio:|titles=Patty Rose – Positive]
Patty Rose talks about taking action. Take Action (MP3)
[audio:|titles=Patty Rose – Take Action]


The Nature Conservancy incorporated as a non-profit organization

Washington chapter of The Nature Conservancy forms

Louis Messmer talks about Alcorn and Carlisle Lakes. Lakes (MP3) [audio:|titles=Louis Messmer – Alcorn and Carlisle Lakes]
Louis Messmer talks about prioritizing conservation. Prioritizing (MP3) [audio:|titles=Louis Messmer – Prioritizing conservation]
Tony Angell talks about starting with The Nature Conservancy. Starting (MP3) [audio:|titles=Tony Angell – Starting with TNC]

First preserves established at Foulweather Bluff, Dishman Hills, Rose Creek and Waldron Island

Louis Messmer talks about early meetings. Early meetings (MP3) [audio:|titles=Louis Messmer – Early TNC meetings]

Skagit River Bald Eagle Natural Area Preserve established
488 Chapter members

Louis Messmer talks about chapter beginnings. Beginnings (MP3) [audio:|titles=Louis Messmer – Chapter beginnings]
Tony Angell talks about the Skagit. Skagit (MP3) [audio:|titles=Tony Angell – Skagit]

Northwest Office of the Conservancy established and Eliot Marks hired as the first Washington State Director

Doug Peters talks about Moxee Bog. Moxee Bog (MP3) [audio:|titles=Doug Peters – Moxee Bog]
Doug Peters talks about joining the Board. Board (MP3) [audio:|titles=Doug Peters – Joining TNC Board]

The Conservancy signs its first conservation easement for Lookout Mountain in the Teanaway watershed
1700 Chapter members

Doug Peters talks about the Yakima Greenway. Greenway (MP3) [audio:|titles=Doug Peters – TPL-TNC Coop Greenway]

Islands of Life Campaign raises funds to purchase Yellow and Sentinel Islands

Yellow Island (MP3)
[audio:|titles=John Rose – Yellow Island]

Davis Canyon Preserve established through grassland protection campaign

Gene Fitzgerald talks about Davis Canyon Preserve. Davis Canyon Preserve (MP3) [audio:|titles=Gene Fitzgerald – Davis Canyon Preserve]
Gene Fitzgerald talks about selling to The Nature Conservancy. Selling to TNC (MP3) [audio:|titles=Gene Fitzgerald – Selling to TNC]
Gene Fitzgerald talks about pride in heritage. Heritage (MP3) [audio:|titles=Gene Fitzgerald – Pride in heritage]

5200 Chapter members

9000 Chapter members

Legislation to protect the Hanford Reach introduced in Olympia

Volunteers begin restoring South Sound prairies

Nancy Nordhoff talks about prioritizing investments. Prioritizing (MP3) [audio:|titles=Nancy Nordhoff – Prioritizing investments]

Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program created

Washington Chapter 4th largest membership in nation

John Roskelley talks about Why TNC (MP3) [audio:|titles=John Roskelley – Why TNC]

Conservancy initiates multi-year study at Hanford Reach

Rick Leaumont talks about The Nature Conservancy Hanford Survey (MP3) [audio:|titles=Rick Leaumont – TNC Hanford Survey]

Volunteer pool grows to 370

$45 million allocated for Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program

Conservancy purchases land in the Beezley Hills and Moses Coulee and launches the North Central Washington program

Moses Coulee (MP3)
[audio:|titles=John Rose – Moses Coulee]

Major fundraising campaign to protect Ebey’s Landing; Hanford Reach declared National Monument

Rick Leaumont talks about supporting Hanford. Support (MP3) [audio:|titles=Rick Leaumont – TNC support Hanford]
Rick Leaumont talks about persistence paying. Persistence (MP3) [audio:|titles=Rick Leaumont – Persistence pays]
Rick Leaumont talks about accomplishment. Accomplishment (MP3) [audio:|titles=Rick Leaumont – Accomplishment]

David Weekes hired as second Director of the Washington Chapter

First purchase of land in Tieton River Canyon with option to buy 9,700 more from Plum Creek Timber Co

Governor Locke charters Washington Biodiversity Council; campaign launched to protect Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia

Conservancy partners with farmers on Skagit Delta to pilot Farming for Wildlife program.

Selective thinning begins at Ellsworth Creek Preserve; volunteers contribute 9,326 hours to Washington program

Karen Anderson hired to serve as Washington Program Director

Patty Rose talks about her Naches connection. Naches Connection (MP3)
[audio:|titles=Patty Rose – Naches Connection]

50th anniversary celebration of the Washington chapter