Gathering Our Voice

2009 Methow Voice

In the Methow, Confluence Gallery is working with local volunteers to gather stories about how people have come together to create cooperative efforts that benefit the community.

Confluence Gallery Listen to interview segments from a group interview conducted at the Confluence Gallery August 27, 2009.

Richard Wrangle describes the vision for the Gallery. Richard Wrangle – Vision (MP3)

Richard Wrangle talks about focus on community. Richard Wrangle – Twisp (MP3)

Mary Thompson describes what it took to get started. Mary Thompson – 3 People (MP3)

Phil Ager talks about financial survival. Phil Ager – Logjam (MP3)
Sybil Macapia talks about the board and breaking the logjam. Sybil Macapia – Recovery (MP3)
Sybil Macapia discusses community and breaking the logjam. Sybil Macapia – Logjam (MP3)
Mary Thompson describes joining the board. Mary Thompson – Pay Forward (MP3)
Richard Wrangle talks about the unexpected. Richard Wrangle – Confluence (MP3)
Theresa Miller discusses the community’s interest. Theresa Miller – Art Community (MP3)
Theresa Miller describes lengths to which community will go. Theresa Miller – Lengths (MP3)
Richard Wrangle, Teri Pieper photo Mary Thompson, Teri Pieper photo Phil Ager, Teri Pieper photo Phil and Sybil, Teri Pieper photo Sybil Macapia, Teri Pieper photo Mary and Teresa, Teri Pieper photoTeresa Miller, Teri Pieper photo Bill Hottell, Teri Pieper photo

Bill Hottell describes interesting uses of the gallery. Bill Hottell – Yoga Under Art (MP3)

Richard and Phil discuss quality of works shown. Richard and Phil – Quality (MP3)

Sybil Macapia talks about the community’s connection with shows. Sybil Macapia – Community Connection (MP3)

Mary Thompson talks about Confluence and newcomers to the community. Mary Thompson – Confluence Welcome (MP3)

Sybil Macapia describes the unspoken partner. Sybil Macapia – Partner (MP3)

Theresa Miller discusses artful living. Theresa Miller – Artful Living (MP3)

Theresa Miller talks about how the community learned to express itself. Theresa Miller -You’re on Next (MP3)

Farmers’ Market Listen to segments of interviews with two people involved with the Twisp Farmers’ Market from the beginning.

Dave Sabold, Teri Pieper photo Dave Sabold, Teri Pieper photoFran Johnson, Teri Pieper photoFran Johnson, Teri Pieper photo

Dave Sabold talks about starting the Twisp Farmers’ Market. (July 2, 2009)
The start: Dave Sabold – Starting (MP3)

How it has grown: Dave Sabold – Growth (MP3)

Fran Johnson remembers the beginnings of the Market. (July 2, 2009)
Just three to start with: Fran Johnson – Just 3 (MP3)

Growing up with a public market: Fran Johnson – Starting (MP3)

Donating to Community Center at first: Fran Johnson – Market Community (MP3)

A community effort: Fran Johnson – Everyone (MP3)

Dave Sabold talks about stewardship in the Methow. (July 2, 2009)
Why people came: Dave Sabold – Stewardship (MP3)

Horticulture in the valley: Dave Sabold – Economy (MP3)

Conserving farms: Dave Sabold – Conservation (MP3)

Dave Sabold talks about appreciating the nature of the community and the market. (July 2, 2009)
The community: Dave Sabold – Appreciating (MP3)

The market: Dave Sabold – Meetings (MP3)

Dave Sabold talks about learning. (July 2, 2009)
Learning by doing: Dave Sabold – By Doing (MP3)

Lesson for newcomers: Dave Sabold – Neighbors (MP3)

Dave Sabold talks about cooperating. (July 2, 2009)
Division to cohesion: Dave Sabold – Coming Together (MP3)

Respect: Dave Sabold – Respect (MP3)

Inclusiveness: Dave Sabold – Need Each Other (MP3)

Giving Back: Dave Sabold – Community Center (MP3)

Dave Sabold talks about hope for the future. (July 2, 2009)
Dave Sabold – Hope (MP3)
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