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1960s – Coming of Age

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Coming of Age


College presidents Arnie Heuchert, PhD (’86-’94); James Davis, PhD (’77-’86); Bill Steward PhD (’63-’77); and James Starr, PhD (’54-’63).
Hear former president Bill Steward talk about the beginning of the nursing program.
[audio:]Bill Steward (MP3)


Hear Wilfred Woods and Bob Steward talk about art teacher Bob Graves.
[audio:]Wilfred Woods and Bill Steward (MP3)

Bob Graves was an active artist and teacher at WVC.


*1967 Community College Act*
WVC Historical Timeline


Kathi Rivers Shannon worked in WVC public information for more than three decades.
Hear her describe how the college expanded to include Okanogan County.
[audio:]Kathi Rivers Shannon (MP3)

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