Gathering Our Voice

Natural History

Welcome to the Listening Post for the Rocky Reach Trail


Cottonwoods, dogwood and other trees and shrubs provide great habitat for birds.

Indian hemp is a native shrub that grows near rivers and streams.

Listen to Lucy Luevano describe how Indian hemp is used in making baskets.
Lucy Luevano (MP3)

Bitterbrush thrives in the sandy soils of the Rocky Reach.

Bitterbrush is considered an “ice cream” plant for deer. They love it!


Brian Ohme’s family operated Ohme Gardens for more than 50 years.

Hear Brian Ohme describe how his grandfather Herman Ohme strted this landmark garden.
Brian Ohme (MP3)

Hear Brian Ohme describe ho his grandfather used stones from Rocky Reach in creating the garden.
Brian Ohme (MP3)

Stone paths at Ohme Gardens.

Trail Story

Markers help birds see and avoid flying into wire fences.

Community Connections

Learn more about the Complete the Loop Coalition.

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