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Appreciating Place

Welcome to the Listening Post for the greater Waterville community

Appreciating Place

Thelma Sonney was 16 when her family returned to Orondo after living in Los Angeles.
Hear her describe her first impressions of Orondo.
[audio:]Thelma Sonney (MP3)

Hear Barbara Firoved describe her attachment to Waterville.
[audio:]Barbara Firoved (MP3)

Hear Barbara Firoved desribe the roots of her homestead era family.
[audio:]Barbara Firoved (MP3)

Sheila and Daniel Miranda
Hear Waterville Federated Church pastors Sheila and Daniel Miranda describe their first encounter with the area in 2003.
[audio:]Sheila and Daniel Miranda (MP3)

Lupe Limon
Lupe Limon moved from Mexico to Orondo with her husband in 1987.
Hear her describe what she likes about Orondo.
[audio:]Lupe Limon (MP3)

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