Gathering Our Voice

Odabashion Bridge West

Welcome to the Apple Capital Loop Trail

Trail and Odabashion Bridge

Trail Story

Bob Parlette. Hear Bob describe how Odabashion Bridge was designed to include the trail.
[audio:]Bob Parlette (MP3)


View of sand dunes along riverfront in East Wenatchee.

Hear geologist Ralph Dawes describe sand dune deposits.
[audio:]Ralph Dawes (MP3)

Ralph Dawes and Ron Johnston Rodriguez on Loop Trail near Odabashion Bridge.


Rock Island Dam was built in 1932.

Keith Truscott manages natural resources for Chelan County PUD.
Hear Keith describe how the dams have changed the river.
[audio:]Keith Truscott (MP3)

Pool created by Rock Island Dam. Pipeline visible to the south.

Community Connection

Learn about Run Wenatchee.

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