Gathering Our Voice

Striving & Thriving

Welcome to the Listening Post for the greater Waterville community

Striving & Thriving

Historic Lutheran church in Douglas
Historic Douglas Church being restored

Hear Sheila Miranda descriibe thimportannce of restoring the church as a gathering place.
[audio:]Sheila Miranda (MP3)

Learn more about the historic Douglas Church

Hear Farmer and rancher Gary Daling talk about how 4H earnings put him through WSU.
[audio:]Gary Daling (MP3)

Hear Lupe Limon reflect on her accomplishments.
[audio:]Lupe Limon (MP3)

Hear Chano Rodriguez talk about the dreams his dad Lupe had when coming here.
[audio:]Chano Rodriguez (MP3)

Blue Rooster

Hear Chano Rodriguez’s hopes for the future of Waterville.
[audio:]Chano Rodriguez (MP3)

Hear Daniel and Sheila Miranda talk about the interdependence of the communities.
[audio:]Daniel and Sheila Miranda (MP3)

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