Gathering Our Voice

Pipeline Bridge West

Welcome to the Apple Capital Loop Trail

Pipeline Bridge Overlook

Pipeline Bridge overlook from Wenatchee. Built in 1908, this was the first bridge to span the Columbia River.


Rick Smith

Rick Smith manages the Wenatchee Reclamation District, owner of the Pipeline Bridge. Hear Rick talk about the bridge’s role in irrigating East Wenatchee.


Rick Smith (MP3)
Jim Blackburn

Architect Jim Blackburn grew up in Wenatchee. Hear Jim describe what it was like to drive over the bridge.


Jim Blackburn (MP3)

Vehicles traveled on the Pipeline Bridge until the George Sellars Bridge to the south was built in 1952.


Pangborn Bar

Huge terraces or bars were formed by floods and temporary lakes more than 12,000 years ago.

Ralph Dawes

Hear geologist Ralph Dawes describe the deposits that support the City of East Wenatchee.


Ralph Dawes (MP3)

Trail Story

Allison Williams
Allison Williams was a planner for the City of Wenatchee in the early days of the Loop Trail.
Hear Allison talk about the role the Loop Trail has played in connecting the community.
Allison Williams (MP3)

Community Connections

Learn more about local history at the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center on Mission Street in Wenatchee.

Site of future dog park

Site of future Wenatchee City Dog Park. Learn more about the Hale Park Off-Leash Area.

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