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Social Networking

Welcome to the Listening Post for the greater Waterville community

Social Networking

Hear Arvene Rinker talk about growing up in Douglas and becoming a farmer.
[audio:]Arvene Rinker (MP3)

Hear Arvene Rinker tell what it was lie to work in the Douglas Store.
[audio:]Arvene Rinker (MP3)

Hear Ardis Shriner and Thelma Sonney of Orondo talk about the importance of the Grange.
[audio:]Ardis Shriner and Thelma Sonney (MP3)

Hear Barbara Firoved talk about grange meetings and baseball games at Douglas.
[audio:]Barbara Firoved (MP3)

Hear Thelma Sonney and Arvene Rinker talk about the community care network.
[audio:]Thelma Sonney and Arvene Rinker (MP3)

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