Gathering Our Voice

Where Rapids Meet

Welcome to the Listening Post for the Rocky Reach Trail


Vada McMullan came to the Wenatchee Valley with her family on an immigrant train in 1904.
Hear Vada talk about what it was like before electricity was so widely available.
Vada McMullen (MP3)

Kirby Billingsley was a Chelan PUD commissioner and a strong advocate for recreation.
Hear Kirby talk about the benefits of ublic power at Rock Reach Dam.
Kirby Billingsley (MP3)

Trail Story

Artist Ruth Allan has been a long-time advocate for riverfront conservation and access.
Hear Ruth talk about the purpose of the group called CREST.
Ruth Allan (MP3)

Bob Parlette is an attorney who has worked on riverfront protection since moving to Wenatchee in the 1970s.
Hear Bob talk about Kirby Billingsley’s vision for recreation on the Columbia.
Bob Parlette (MP3)


Keith Truscott is a fisheries biologist with the Chelan PUD.
Hear Keith describe the habits of the summer Chinook salmon.
Keith Truscott (MP3)

Jim Huffman worked as the environmental coordinator for Chelan County PUD.
Hear Jim descrie the river shoreline before the dam.
Jim Huffman (MP3)


Lucy Luevano learned to fish for salmon when she was just a child.
Hear Lucy explain why salmon are so important to the tribes.
Lucy Luevano (MP3)

Community Connections

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