Gathering Our Voice

Success Story Exchange

IRIS is seeking success stories from the host community of Quincy and those from the greater NCW region including Okanogan, Douglas, Chelan, and northern Grant counties for the 2016 Summit that illustrate these themes:

Maintaining diverse, healthy ecosystems

How are we increasing the health & connectivity of our lands and waters, i.e., how are programs that incorporate habitat restoration, art, education, recreation, & locally-produced food contributing to this health and connectivity?

What is being done to increase the resiliency of our lands and waters, i.e., the ability to recover from disturbance caused by fire, floods, invasive species, and other natural phenomenon?

Meeting basic human needs, fostering thriving lives

How are we using cross-generational and multi-cultural relationships to foster a sense of belonging and ownership in our communities, improve our health, engage students as lifelong learners, and grow opportunities for jobs?

What are we doing to reduce waste, increase recycling and access to locally-produced goods, and to foster healthy businesses that create and retain jobs?

What are we doing to develop a unified vision around how we respond to changes caused by natural disasters, the economy, and land use patterns?

Bridging cultural & political divides

How are we using art, technology, and “third places” or meeting spaces to bridge cultural & political divides and strengthen our communities?

What are we doing to increase access to health care and diverse educational opportunities while building multi-cultural literacy and the confidence needed to adapt to change?

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